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Healthcare Services

We Optimize Your Billing Process

The complexity of the healthcare reimbursement process is escalating with each passing day and the credit of this escalation goes to advancements such as value-based reimbursement, various modern care delivery models and ever-changing payer rules. Your healthcare organization extends best of its services, however receiving fair and fast compensations still remains a demanding task. Here is where Axtrics comes to your rescue. Our extensive and exhaustive set of revenue management solutions not only makes the reimbursement process effective, but also aids in achieving expected profit-returns.

Web Designing

Your website is your ‘Brand Ambassador’. And, we carve artistic, passion driven and result-oriented websites for you

It just takes 50 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion about your website. And, 94% of this impression depends upon the design. If you want to make the most of these 50 milliseconds, then we can help.

Our highly skilled and ingenious designers are experts in creating highly effective and beautifully tailored websites that best represent your business, products, and services. Be it a two person start-up company or a Fortune 500 organization, we are ready to handle it all.

We focus on creating an enduring online presence of your business in the digital space, which is second to none. For this, we follow a streamlined design process which starts with understanding the purpose and goal of your website, your target audience, calls to action, and the preferred ‘click path’ to achieve the desired results.

Your website can be the game changer for your business. We place every new feature in the design with a clear purpose and use targeted messages to lead the customers from primary to secondary content.

Plus, we make your website retina-ready for the 1.2 billion mobile users with contemporary features like parallax scrolling, mobile responsiveness, and more. We work until your vision is turned into a reality.

Web Development

Hire expert developers and programmers to stay ahead of the competition

Hire our ingenious programmers and developers to custom-built the sophisticated technologies, state-of-the-art products, and solutions for your business. From corporate websites & web applications to social networking & mobile apps, our team has a lot many core strengths to count upon.

We, your extended team, will transform your business ideas into web and mobile based applications – and that too, at affordable prices.

  • Cost Effective

    Get first-class developers for your project at budget prices

  • Team Scalability

    Scale up or down the development team to easily adapt to your project needs

  • Faster Execution

    Achieve outstanding leaps in your project cycle by assigning tasks to off-shore resources

  • Efficient Process

    Get benefited from the logical work methodologies and collaboration tools used by our proficient developers

  • Swift Communication

    Engage in face to face interactions and receive the latest updates from the on-site programmers

  • Quick Planning

    Collaborate with our on-site experts to take faster and smarter project decisions

  • Increased Security

    Gain the much required confidentiality of your business functions and ideas

  • Better Management

    Manage deadlines and timeline constraints better with the help of on-site resources

  • Escalate Efficiency

    Enjoy the best of both, Online and On-site models

  • Budget Optimization

    Get important insights from our on-site resources and save money on off-site resources

  • Quick and Reliable

    Accomplish rapid turnaround by teaming up the on-site and the off-shore developers

  • Excellent Resources

    Get more productive with the hybrid team by automatic distribution of tasks

Strong Industry Knowledge

Helping businesses redefine their objectives through years of expertise

We have developed deep domain knowledge and proficiency while working with different industries. We keep our focus on the end users and provide unique customer-centric solutions that are thought of nowhere else. Through a decade of association with multiple projects, we have gained the expertise to serve the following industries:


We thoroughly understand the challenges faced by the healthcare industry. Innovative technological solutions have the potential to make your healthcare business bigger and better. Hire our team of expert programmers and developers who possess vast industry knowledge and expertise to realize your vision with a web, desktop or mobile solution.

Banking and Finance

Get a strategic advantage in both, risk management and performance, while simultaneously being cost-effective. A single banking application can provide numerous opportunities for customer engagement and self-services. Get a team that is qualified and experienced to provide such solid and cutting-edge solutions.

Hospitality Industry

For the hospitality industry, delivering customer satisfaction is the highest priority. From the moment a customer presses the buy button to the moment he or she leaves your hotel, we create custom software solutions that enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue. Our team is well versed with front-end and back-end of most of the reservation engines and POS systems.


We specialize in providing easy solutions to the complex issues of the retail industry. Our robust e-commerce platforms help retailers to improve incremental revenue and customer convenience. Our skilled programmers also focus on mobile commerce features for even better customer engagement.


This industry faces many challenges, including the increasing demand for controlling cost & inventory, escalating the need for operational efficiency, and quicker time-to-market. Our team provides robust solutions that help manufactures speed-up their business operations and keep pace with all these changing market metrics./p>


Digital Marketing

Services that empower you to grow

Our team of digital marketing experts works passionately to increase your sales. We assure to turn your business into a “trustworthy brand”, thus, elevating your profits and earning you more customer loyalty. Our expert services like SEO, SMO, PPC, etc., will help you have a noticeable presence on the web.


Find your way to the top

Want to see yourself on top in the Google ranking? Then, you have landed on the right page. SEO professionals at Axtrics are experts in creating the right SEO strategy for your individual needs and helping you reach the top position. We offer a wide array of SEO services such as Comprehensive Website Audit, Keyword Research, On-page & Off-page Optimization and Competitor Analysis among other services.


We devise marketing strategies that deliver results

The world is in awe of social media and as an enterprise, you must not ignore its importance. In fact, social media platforms have become a reliable scale to judge a venture. Our experienced and skillful social media marketers know all the tips and tricks to get the best out of the social media platforms. We ensure to build the best strategies for your business and make them a rage on all the social platforms. You are sure to get business conversions and brand awareness through our work on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and others.


You set a goal, we’ll reach it for you

Paid search is the swiftest and the most controllable method to get your business noticed by the people who are interested in your products and services. When it comes to handling PPC services, our team works more than managing just AdWords. From paid search to paid social, we focus on every campaign. Our PPC marketers go for extensive conversion analysis and ad testing in order to ensure maximum clicks on each advertisement. We initiate a PPC campaign, which helps your venture attain targeted leads straight from the day it is initiated.


We are here to help you increase profits

Here at Axtrics, our E-mail marketing team makes it a point to get your business noticed in the Inbox of your potential customers, thus, generating scalable ROI. We provide all types of email marketing solutions including campaign planning, newsletter designing, content writing for email newsletters and so forth. Now, approaching your target is no more a difficult task. Just trust us and get the results you’ve always dreamt of.


We create content that speaks

The power of content is incredibly powerful. Our creative writers realize this and build content that is engaging and eye-catching. We also realize the importance of a well-crafted & SEO friendly content, hence, create content that is just right for your business. Our content strategy is based on in-depth research that includes not only writing, but also the right presentation, pictures, and designs. Such content is sure to help your business grow and reach out to the desired audience.


80% of your website visitors are on mobile. Turn them into loyal customers with a mobile app.

At Axtrics, we help turn your idea into a great mobile app. We develop apps that you can proudly call to be your own. Our focus is on creating exceptional app experiences for your consumers and a higher ROI for your business.

What is so special about our app developers? Our team is well versed with all the major platforms and technologies -- whether it is iOS or android. From initial planning to the final launch, our ingenious team is there for you at every step on the way.

IOS App Development

Build the IOS app of your dreams with our experienced & talented designers and developers. From startups to establishments, from gamers to educators -- we serve them all. Our team is well versed with various programming languages, namely Objective C, Swift programming, etc., and iOS technologies such as iPhone SDK, JSON, Xcode, & more. We build robust and engaging mobile applications that turn your vision into the next big thing.

Android App Development

Our android specialists have developed apps for many clients including e-commerce, healthcare, gaming, fashion, entertainment and more. Our dedicated designers and programmers work in total sync to create breathtaking and refined mobile apps. They are aware of different android development frameworks and technologies including, Android SDK, Java, native development tools, XML, JSON, and other platforms. We bet the final product will be the one you and your customers will love.

Hybrid App Development

Our hybrid app specialists help you get your app on more platforms, to reach even more people with less cost. With extensive exposure to hybrid mobile application platforms, our team has learned the authentic and simplified development techniques. Our developers are proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and in leading technologies such as PhoneGap, Sencha, SproutCore and jQuery mobile. Maximize your return on investments and gain more sale opportunities with hybrid apps.

Are you ready to stay ahead of the competition? Let’s discuss your idea.

  • Enrollment Services
    Enrollment Services
  • Eligibility/Prior Authorizations
    Eligibility/Prior Authorizations
  • Charge Posting
    Charge Posting
  • Medical Coding
    Medical Coding
  • Medical Billing
    Medical Billing
  • Medical Posting
    Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable
    Accounts Receivable
  • Analytics

Enrollment Services

Axtrics understands the importance of offering connections to a variety of payers. That is why we work with our clients to support the payers that they need. With Axtrics, you have the convenience of submitting claims, remits, and eligibility verifications electronically to all the payers. Our team gets you enrolled with all the payers to check eligibility, submit claims electronically/paper, and receive ERA’s/EOB’s electronically for accurate data.

Contact a Axtrics Enrollment Expert for more information.

Eligibility/Prior Authorizations

Ineligible patient insurance coverage counts for more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. And, logging into multiple payer websites for eligibility information is a time-consuming task. Our team does the eligibility check to avoid these denials before the claim is billed out.

Some services do require authorization before they can be billed out to the payer. Thus, our dedicated team obtains every necessary piece of information and authorization from the payer prior to the filing the claim so as to avoid any claim denials.

Contact a Axtrics Eligibility Expert for more information.

Charge Posting

Axtrics is a leading back-office provider of offshore medical billing services to healthcare organizations. We have expertise in demographic and charge entry services for many specialties ranging from general practice to more complicated ones.

Our charge entry service consists of entering CPT codes, ICD codes, modifiers and other related information into the billing software.

Contact a Axtrics Payment Posting Expert for more information.

Medical Coding

Our medical coding services enable you to cope with coding demands, smoothens the medical billing process and improve cash flow management for inpatient and outpatient healthcare providers. Our expert coders possess the knowledge, experience, and skills to handle your coding requirements quickly and efficiently.

One of the main reasons for the claim denials is medical coding errors. To assist our clients in preventing such errors, we have a team of certified medical coders who maintain the highest level of accuracy in medical coding. By meeting and in fact, exceeding the industry standards & compliances without compromising on quality, Axtrics guarantees accurate coding and complete satisfaction to our clients.

Contact a Axtrics Medical Coding Expert for more information.

Medical Billing

At Axtrics, our medical billers understand all the basic and major medical coverage plans, such as the Fee-for-Service Plans, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Point-of-Service Plans (POS), and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and know the different methods of billing patients. Moreover, they understand the medical billing industry and all its complexities. Also, medical billers at Axtrics are proficient at the terminologies & software applications that are most often used in a medical office. We have expertise to electronically file claims and knowledge on the most common types of insurance policies. Our medical billing experts understand database management, spreadsheets, electronic mail, possess state-of-the-art word processing skills, and are proficient in bookkeeping. Our experts are capable enough to explain charges to the patients and further pursue effective communication. Our medical billers also have a good working knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, claims form completion, and coding. Our specialists also process responses from insurance companies which include the explanation of benefits (EOB) too.

Contact a Axtrics Medical Billing Expert for more information.

Payment Posting

Payment posting in medical billing is one of the key processes that get the utmost attention from our operations management. The payments in lieu of claims, which are received from the payers & patients are posted in the medical billing system of the client to reconcile the claim. Axtrics also does electronic payment posting into the medical billing software and handles the exceptions (fallouts) manually to make sure that no payment is missed.

Contact a Axtrics SME for more information.

Accounts Receivable

The AR management model incorporates successful techniques to ensure maximized cash flow. Our analysis team, calling team and resolution team work collaboratively to decrease the number of AR days. Our AR management cycle includes the process of following up with insurance carriers either by accessing their websites, IVR or calling the representatives at the insurance end to check the claim status of the ones that have not responded in 30 days from billing, and identifying issues resulting in payments. Our objective is to always keep the above 90 days under 15% of the total outstanding AR.

Contact a Axtrics SME for more information.


Converting your data into actionable information

Axtrics' Analytic Solutions, in partnership with Prevalent Health Inc, provide a wide variety of "real-time" edits as well as vertical business intelligence on your clinical and medical billing data. From data discovery, data quality evaluation, interpretation to presentation; Axtrics covers the complete analytics spectrum to provide meaningful oddities and trends to your data. Contact an Axtrics Healthcare Analytics Expert for more information.

Contact a Axtrics Healthcare Analytics Expert for more information.

Why Work with us?

Our priority is to support you and here are some of the reasons for choosing us:

Quality Work

Quality is our identity. We strive to deliver high quality work that our clients overwhelmingly appreciate and benefit from.

Cost- Effective

We offer a wide range of services at highly affordable prices. We aim at utmost satisfaction of our clients by catering them comprehensive yet cost effective solutions.

Timely Deliveries

The phrase ‘‘time is money” is as true today as it has always been. We understand the value of your precious time and will never make you wait.

Experienced and Passionate Team

Our designers, developers and marketers love what they do and are highly talented. They hold years of experience and work with passion and creativity to deliver high-end solutions.

Individually Tailored Approach

The success of our customers is vital for us and we work hard for the same. Every business needs an individual plan and strategy. And here at Axtrics, we take care of that.

Proven Track Record

We have helped many businesses to be successful by giving them result-driven IT solutions. Our exceptional and dedicated services have always helped us retain long-term clients while giving them ongoing success.


These guys know what they’re doing. Seriously, they have significantly improved the functions of my website and subsequently, the traffic. I'm still working with them on other projects.

Ahmed Bafagih

Axtrics team has delivered assets on time and has provided additional services as well, such as UI/UX for our website. They understood the requirements and pointed out potential flaws in the product. I would highly recommend this team and will use their services in future too.

Douglas Hart

DMH Moving Forward LLC.
Axtrics team was excellent to work with. They worked really well and contributed greatly towards the success of our project. We will certainly keep them on our friends list for future endeavors. Highly recommend!

Aaron Sims

Dvsion E-Sports
Axtrics team was GOD-sent. I had encountered many problems with my website and they were able to rectify all of them. They have a great design flair and are able to come up with interesting layouts. Their project management skills are also superb. This is my third time working with a web company and they were the only one who systematically and thoroughly made changes according to my plethora of comments. The team worked very quickly and kept me updated all this time. Great work and I'd definitely rehire them

Alden Boon

Comparing the past not-so-good experiences with other web development companies, we are very happy to say that we had a great one with Axtrics. They are very friendly, cooperative and excellent at communicating. We have finished one project with them and have already started on the next one. I would strongly recommend them for web development and design services.

Rebecca Laidlaw


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